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New Release: I Kissed A Girl edited by Regina Perry

I Kissed a GirlThis version of I Kissed A Girl comes from Black Lace, and is a combination of the original I Kissed A Girland I Kissed A Girl II anthologies from Ravenous Romance. It contains two of my stories, one from each volume.

Everyone’s heard the Katy Perry song but have you ever been tempted…?

An anthology of hot erotic short stories featuring women drawn to experiment with their own sex.

This diverse collection travels the globe proving that women from every walk of life and culture are curious and eager to explore their full sexuality…with each other.

Contributors include: C. Margery Kempe, Louisa Bacio, Inara Lavey, Samantha Jones, K. Ann Karlsson, Kilt Kilpatrick, Nola Erus, Farrah J. Phoenix, Jen Bluekissed, L.A. Mistral, Lucy Felthouse, Regina Perry

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Nimble Fingers

It was the guitarist that did it for me; tall and athletic-looking with a mop of dark hair. And oh, those fingers. Long, slim and nimble with tidy nails, they manipulated the instrument into making the most intoxicating sounds I’d ever heard. The floor vibrated, the atmosphere was electric. I was hooked.

The place was packed. I listened to the band play with people singing and dancing all around me. They waved their arms, sloshing drinks everywhere and good-naturedly jostling one another. Despite all that, I felt like the only people in the room were the guitarist and I.

I watched those fingers glide up and down the fret board and wondered how they’d feel against my skin. Would there be calluses, dry skin perhaps, to chafe my most delicate parts? I didn’t care. All I knew was that I was deeply in lust and wanted those hands touching me, pleasuring me, delighting me.

I was quite surprised by the intensity of my feelings – after all, we’d never even met. I’d simply observed her from the floor. Yes, you read that correctly. Her. I’d shocked myself by developing a crush on a woman. It’d never happened before and it’s never happened since. But she was special, different somehow.

I watched her, fascinated and in awe. I was like a rabbit caught in headlights; I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She captivated me, almost as if she’d cast a spell to make me hers, and hers alone. But of course, she never even knew I was alive.

Towards the end of the first set, the lead singer announced they were taking a break after their next song. As the music died down, so did the audience. They began to make moves towards the bar and restrooms, in anticipation of huge queues at either. I stayed put. I watched her play the final notes of the piece, fingers a blur and her wild hair swaying as she tossed her head with abandon in time to the music. Beautiful.

I stood glued to the spot as the rest of the group put down microphones and drumsticks. I watched as she bent her neck forward to pull the guitar’s strap over her head and place the instrument on a nearby stand. Then, she looked up. A spark of energy pulsed through me as we made eye contact. She smiled, and I was in heaven. Then she left the stage and headed where any sane person would – the bar.

I was thrilled. She’d smiled at me. Then, I berated myself for being such an idiot. She was just being polite, like anyone would. There was no point reading anything into it. As I was busy having this internal argument with myself, I was standing in the same spot I’d been all night; receiving odd looks from people who were milling around, getting drinks, chatting to friends, going for a smoke.

Suddenly, those odd looks changed to ones of interest, and in some cases, jealousy. I sensed a presence by my side, and turned. There she was, stood next to me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She smiled again, and handed me one of the two bottles she was carrying. I took it from her, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

“You looked as though you needed one. I’m Samantha, but most people call me Sam.”

“T-thanks,” I stuttered, brain stumbling to catch up with events, “I’m Jessica.”

“Good to meet you.” Sam stuck out her hand, and we shook. It was all I could do not to stare down at her hand, imagining once again what I’d like to have it and its twin do to me. I kept my eyes firmly focused on hers.

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Getting a Reputation by Lucy Felthouse

As an erotica and erotic romance writer, getting a reputation is one of those things it’s impossible to avoid. People who don’t ‘get’ it assume that we’re all whip-wielding, PVC wearing, promiscuous types. Whether we are or not doesn’t matter to them.

However, I’ve blogged (ranted) about that before. This time I’m talking about getting a reputation within my writing. It came to my attention recently that I have somewhat of a reputation for penning f/f stories. The person that brought it to my attention meant it as a compliment and said I should write more f/f stuff, which definitely gave me food for thought.

You see, unless I’m writing for a particular call for submissions, I don’t think too much about what pairings are going to be in my stories. I just write what’s in my head – I don’t mind who’s sleeping with – or falling in love with – who. For the most part, though, I write m/f stuff – and have written almost three times more m/f stuff than f/f (with a handful of bisexual and ménage stories), so I find it really interesting that my f/f stuff is getting so much attention and that I’m getting ‘known’ for it.

It’s fabulous and exciting that my stories are getting attention, and I’ll definitely be writing more lesbian fiction, particularly if people are enjoying it. However, I definitely won’t be giving up the m/f stuff – I like men too much to not write about them! So much so that I have a few m/m ideas floating around in my head that I hope will see the light of day.

So, despite my new-found reputation as someone that writes great f/f stories (the words of the person that brought it to my attention, not mine!), I’ll continue to write whatever comes into my head – I never want to stifle my creativity and Muse!

But I’ll write whatever I’m writing with a smug smile on my face, knowing that I have a reputation ;)

A selection of my f/f stuff (click the book covers to find out more):

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